Trip to Denia

Trip to Denia in 4 Aspects. Rating of Impressions: 8/10.

?Subjectively, the best attraction was the castle and the beautiful views it treated us with. Entrance fee is 3 euros for adults, 1 euro for children. Open until 2 AM. The archaeological museum is included, open until 10 PM.

?I also recommend the castle tunnel (open until midnight), which you can access from the city center by the beach side, revealing the alleys of the old town.

?An evening stroll through the old town is a great relief after a hot day. The city’s atmosphere with restaurants every 5 meters creates a feeling of joy, fun, and relaxation. You’ll experience a similar vibe at the beach, where a DJ plays from 6 PM at the bar, and kids can enjoy the water aquapark (price: 15 euros for an hour, but it’s well worth it).

?From the port of Denia, many catamaran trips and ships to the Balearic Islands, including Ibiza, are available. Has anyone of you already taken one? ?