The best market in Spain

??The best, definitely the best market I’ve been to in Spain takes place on Sundays in Guardamar. They have a diverse selection of goods, but I was captivated by the white linen/cotton dresses for 10 euros and, of course, the fruits and vegetables.

??There was music playing, and for 2.5 euros, you could get a coffee, a drink, and a pastry.

??There are plenty of parking spaces available. Despite the crowds, the parking staff was excellent.

??The downside is the ubiquitous lack of card payment options. It’s a typical situation, but worth mentioning so that you have enough cash on hand if you want to buy more (like blinds for your home). Alternatively, you have to intentionally bring less cash if you’re afraid of overspending (which is entirely possible because if we had more, we would definitely buy more).

??You don’t just go to this market for shopping. You go to this market as if it were an event. 60 minutes may not be enough.

??It takes a 20-25 minute drive from our rental apartment (available from September 15th).

??I highly recommend this particular place, but if for some reason you can’t go on Sundays, there’s a market on Fridays in Torrevieja and on Saturdays in Playa Flamenca. The latter is smaller but also very pleasant.

?Maciek, thank you so much for recommending this bustling Spanish atmosphere place!