Library in Casino in Murcia

?What am I doing? I’m reading my Kindle.

?But, in the beautiful library at the Casino in Murcia.

?Because this place is a MUST VISIT architectural landmark.

?Even if you’re someone who prefers sports and nature reserves over traditional sightseeing of architectural monuments (just like me), a visit to this place is impressive.

?Built in 1847, the building used to be a club for the elite, so the name can be misleading. It’s not about gambling. In the past, the wealthy came here for dance balls, ladies powdered their noses, and then they would drink tea in the tearoom.

?You can partially rent the venue, and in the restaurant, you can have a wedding reception, for example. I’m attaching photos of a beautifully organized wedding agenda – we happened to come across such an elegant wedding.

?Murcia is located a 50-minute drive from our rental apartment, and the Casino is situated right in the city center. Besides the Casino, it’s worth visiting the Cathedral with a 600-year history and simply taking a walk along the Segura River. The water may be dirty, but the bridges and views are magnificent. Near one of the bridges, you can join the religious route of Camino de Levante. I haven’t walked it yet, but you can see the route in the photo.