Illness in Spain. What is a doctor’s visit like?

??I think this post can be helpful for many people who wonder what it’s like to be sick outside of Poland. My opinion is as follows.

?1. A visit to the hospital in Spain (3 km from our rental apartment) with a child with a fever starts with showing passports and EHIC card.

?2. After 15 minutes, the ER doctor examines the child (most of the waiting time is spent at the registration, not in the waiting room). Sorry. Not one, but two doctors (!) examine the child. One speaks Spanish, clearly more experienced, the other speaks English.

?3. The doctor orders tests – no medication and diagnosis without a visit to the laboratory (it was the same in the Caribbean, I didn’t get any information until the results arrived.) Unfortunately, in Poland, you often show your throat and get antibiotics, even if it’s a virus and antibiotics won’t help!

?4. You receive the result, the doctor explains the illness, gives you prescriptions for the necessary medication, and you leave.

?5. The whole process is free of charge. No unnecessary waiting (only as long as the laboratory needs for the result) and in a very nice hospital.

?6. But the best part is at the end! I paid 3.60 euros for three medications at the pharmacy. Let me repeat: 3.60 euros!!! I assume they were reimbursed. For comparison, I will mention that liquid paracetamol for children cost me 3 euros and 10 cents before, and the mouthwash I received from the dentist for my other child cost 5.90 euros.

??In my opinion – if you happen to get sick – consider whether it should be in Poland. My children are slowly recovering. The Spanish hospital scored a 6!