Catamaran Cruise – Trip to Tabarca Island

?A highly successful trip to Tabarca Island during the peak season.

?A pleasant catamaran cruise (tickets from the port of Santa Pola for 10 euros for adults and 9 euros for children). Opportunity to observe fish through the glass bottom. One-way travel time is 25 minutes. Catamarans operate several times throughout the day.

?Intense heat on the island, fortunately, many restaurants are open and provide shade.

?Food is slightly more expensive than on the mainland. The beach is pebbly and full of tourists. It’s worth taking towels, sunbeds, swimsuits, an umbrella, and food in a cooler – it will be a very Spanish beach experience.

?A full-day trip might not be necessary, but if combined with tapas in Santa Pola and lasting half a day – in my opinion, it’s excellent. 6/6 points for this option.